DEIB Certification Course

In This Together” is a 2-month-long online certification course that presents participants with the knowledge of the laws applicable and aspects that enhance / diminish wellbeing of marginalized communities at work, to strengthen implementation of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) at work.

This course will be facilitated by lawyers, psychologists, psychotherapists and members of the community with lived experiences.

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About the Mascot:

Adopting the lens of DEIB when revisiting relationships, organizational frameworks and policies, means that firstly, we need to recognize that amongst us are those who are ‘othered’, the ‘black sheep’ who are not given a space at the table, nor the systems, access nor means to hold on to that space, let alone thrive in it. This recognition must allow us to understand that some of these perspectives may be unconscious and addressed nonetheless, casting up divides where there need be none, as we are all in this together.

Our Mascot spotlights the overt and subtle differences that lie present between all of us. We see that the black sheep needn’t be cast out of the spotlight, but must be given the space and resources to thrive.

About the Course

This course serves to meet the ever- evolving and consistently growing demand for DEIB professionals with an affirmative perspective from all walks of life and across various industries, providing the opportunity to explore and delve deeper into the world of DEIB, alongside a cohort of like-minded peers.

Through engaging sessions that explore the legal and psychosocial framework and practicalities/realities within which DEIB initiatives exist as well as accessing industry mentors from across the legal and psychosocial space with lived experiences of marginalization, the participant has the opportunity to develop tools and skills to enhance understanding and practice both within the workplace and in everyday life.

22 hours of training

Spanning 9 days

Ongoing mentorship

Intriguing case scenarios, assignments and quizzes!

Access to peer support and learning

Access to giveaways as well as certification*!


The course delves into both the legal and psychosocial understandings of DEIB to support participants to:

Unique Features

What to look forward for...

Peer Based Learning

Taking a cue from the spirit of DEIB the “In This Together” program is partly reliant on a peer-based learning model. This structure shifts focus from the hierarchical expert-learning model. This allows the participants to add to their course material from their lived experiences of being members of the community, allies, sponsors, social activists, mental health professionals, educators, students aspiring to work in this field, HR professionals and Diversity Managers.

Creation of a community

The program seeks to foster solidarity through community. The course structure allows interaction among the participants, and the creation of a community space. Learners will be able to return to this community space for support and resources, even after the program has concluded.

Multiple Mediums

Being neuro-affirmative implies that we acknowledge participants will have various learning styles. Therefore, the program will allow space for multiple mediums of pedagogy and practice. The program will include learning through interactive activities, videos, music, literature and art.

Multi-Tiered Structure

The program is divided into two levels. This will allow participants to opt for the parts of the program or the entire pack, depending on their resources and accessibility.


The program will conclude with an assignment that will help participants apply their learnings and build a DEIB roadmap for their own unique personal or organizational venture. To make the evaluation process inclusive and accessible, the form of the assignment can vary from an essay to a poem or a comic strip or a video script.

The participants will be able to choose the format for their assignments.

Structure and Format

This certification course comprises of multiple levels. These levels can be attended as individual workshops or as the multi-level certification program. For certification, a participant must complete all 3 levels as well as an assignment-based component of evaluation.

The “In This Together” program is spread across 9 live online sessions that explore different intersections that make up the DEIB journey.

Start your DEIB journey with us with the Introduction to DEIB concepts workshop!

Duration: 2 hours

Go further in your understanding of the marginalizations of gender and sexuality and DEIB initiatives at work. To access the detailed course content, reach out to us by completing the contact form.

Duration: 10 hours

Go further in your understanding of the marginalizations of disability and caste and DEIB initiatives at work. To access the detailed course content, reach out to us by completing the contact form.

Duration: 10 hours

Level 1: Spotlighting Gender and Sexuality

Level 2: Spotlighting Disability and Caste

These levels can be attended as individual workshops or as the multiple level certification program.

Reach out to the team to discuss your development path!


DEIB programs retrain the gaze of lived experience, they advocate passing the mic. The facilitators of the “In This Together” program come with rich lived experience. Their psychosocial and legal expertise is based on decades of experience and tempered with their own identity of being part of a marginalized community, and the varying intersections within their identities.
… and access to external facilitators too!

Who can benefit from this course?

Do these questions sound familiar? This may just be the space for you!

The precepts of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are the need of the day not only in professional spaces whether a big, reputed organization, or a grass-roots endeavour, but also in personal interactions.

Regardless of whether one is an established professional, freelancer, starting out their professional career or even trying to navigate personal relationships from the perspective of marginalization, a participant stands to benefit from this program that creates an immersive environment to delve into Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging concepts and practice.

Professionals who may especially benefit from the program include:

We recognize that we are not unidimensional individuals existing in silo.

Figure: Three intersecting circles highlighting the professional, personal and community-based spheres of one’s existence

We have intersecting and evolving identities and hence we highlight the support that can be accessed in other aspects of life by us through this program:

This program is essential for anyone seeking to identify and unlearn their unconscious bias, and access a framework to foster Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging through their craft, and ways of being. 

Why do we need DEIB?

Why shift gears in the DEIB space from “Maybe” to “Must Have”? 

Well, here are some statistics

As of 2024, total population of India is recorded at 1441.7 million people (UNFPA), of which 68.7% are in the age group of 15 – 64. People from this age group are employed across various organized and unorganized sectors in our country. 

Worker Population Ratio1 in CWS in urban areas for January – March 2024 was recorded as 69.8% for males aged 15 years and over, and 23.4% for females aged 15 years and over. 

We must ask ourselves, where have we lost the rest of the 50% in this age group? 

What are those barriers that keep women out of the workforce? 

What do these statistics really look like for people from the margins?

There is not enough collated data on the protected groups like the LGBTQIA+ community, disabled and/or neurodivergent persons, caste oppressed persons and ethnic minorities.  

With a population like India’s, even minority populations like the afore-mentioned groups run in the millions. Millions of individuals are falling through structural gaps because there is not enough information to illuminate their lived realities to begin with.  

Oftentimes, individual employees come from multiple intersections of marginalizations. For instance, a queer disabled employee or a trans stakeholder from a caste-oppressed location will have very unique lived experiences based on the differing areas of marginalization within their identities.

How can we in our own workspaces ensure that diverse people are not just invited to the table, but are also able to maintain their space there if we do not make ourselves aware of the challenges and intersections of their lived experiences? 

This is exactly where the tenets of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging come in to reform any blind spots in organizational cultures. A robust DEIB program seeks to identify such structural gaps; inform organizations of how the structural barriers affect the experiences of a marginalized employee/stakeholder; and seeks to bring in avenues of redressal within the organizational infrastructure so that these gaps can be closed.

Course Fees

Foundational Workshop (27th June 2024) – 750 INR + GST

Level 1: 15,000 INR + GST (6th July 2024)

Level 2: 15,000 INR + GST (7th September 2024)

Sign up for all 3 levels, to get the Foundational workshop as a complimentary bonus to support your professional learning curve!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course has multiple levels.

Foundational Workshop: Introduction to DEIB Concepts 27th June 2024 

Level 1: July 2024

Level 2: September 2024

Foundational Workshop: 2 hours

Level 1: 10 hours

Level 2: 10 hours

For further details please submit your details on the Query form.

The modules of all the Levels are created to address the rights of different protected groups. For further details please submit your details on the Query form.

Yes, the course is a paid one. For further details please sign up here.

Yes it does. For further derails please submit your details on the Query form.

Learners can apply for the course by signing up here.

This program is designed to support your growth and skill when engaging in the professional space, as well as within personal and community interactions!

Given its affirmative understanding, the course is also suitable for psychologists, mental health professionals, and people from the community. Artists, social activists, parents, friends, allies who want to learn about ways to support diverse protected groups can also apply for the course. To know more get in touch with our team!

The course facilitators are mostly lawyers, mental health professionals, and people from the neurodivergent, queer and trans communities. For further details please submit your details on the query form.


I have worked with the Equilibrio Advisory team for several years now, availing their services for building safe and inclusive workspaces. Our association has not only been in terms of onboarding for POSH compliance and services, but also having conversations around DEIB, mental health support for employees, and improving Workplace Wellbeing. These services have spanned interventions like offering therapeutic support, skill building workshops awareness and sensitization sessions– bringing focus onto marginalized groups including women at work. The training and awareness sessions have been particularly supportive, engaging and informative, with facilitators being well informed, on pulse with current issues and high levels of interaction even on virtual platforms that has brought in positive feedback from participants regularly.

Charu Vijayvargiya HR Head, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited

Samriti recently facilitated a session on casual sexism at our institution – this was very empowering and went a long way towards setting expectations at work, challenging the often-dominant social ideas that oppress groups and increase vulnerability. She also created a space to deconstruct internal bias and social influences that prevent creation of inclusive and safe professional environment for all. Samriti handled this conversation with nuance and sensitivity, bringing examples from her vast expertise, keeping the session interactive and supportive – even through a virtual platform. We look forward to working with Samriti again.

Vaibhavi Kulkarni Associate Professor, IIMA

Thank you for facilitating this session today. It was reflective, insightful and enabling. For sure our women talent are highly motivated to Take Charge of their journeys at MHRIL.

Sonali Gupta Mahindra Holidays

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