Training the Interview Panel

  1. Equipping with LGBTQ+ affirmative vocabulary
  2. Identifying areas around which questions are necessary to be asked in the context of work / role requirement
  3. Understanding how and what to ask for such role / criteria
  4. Discussion on what to avoid asking with the help of examples and case studies
  5. Mapping interviewers’ biases and its possible impact on their role as an interviewer
  6. Sensitive interviewing
  7. Dealing with discomfort / lack of clarity due to a response from interviewee
  8. How to ask follow up questions if something is unclear / difficult to understand about a response from an interviewee
  9. Responding to answers and requests from interviewees
  10. Policies and practices to be aware of (specially regarding support to be provided to those joining the organization)

Duration: 2 Hours

Modality: Virtual (Webinar)