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Participant 1 Anonymous

For me it's a very insightful session.....Normally we keep thinking that gender is the only thing [area of focus] when we hear about Diversity; but the way this session ... unfolded [I found] there's so much to learn. And now I literally feel that it's a journey... It's not only about this session and it's not only about two hours - so I personally am looking forward to that certificate course that you're talking about because this is such a subject [where] there is no end to the learning. And when we actually implement this learning at the workplace, this can play wonder. So I'm very excited and I look forward to learning more on the subject so that I can make a difference at the workplace.

Participant 2 Anonymous

Thanks for the workshop it was really eye opener

Participant 3 Anonymous

You guys are doing a great job indeed

Rony Patra Faculty member, Vidyasagar University Midnapore, West Bengal

DEIB, as a concept, is something that has not yet become mainstream in higher education. Attending the workshop helped me gather some knowledge about the fundamentals of DEIB, and the essential need for it in today's workplaces. I liked the visual aids and activities in the workshop, which served as a great icebreaker. Hopefully, I can use the learnings from this workshop for advocating for DEIB in my workplace in future.

Charu Vijayvargiya HR Head, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited

I have worked with the Equilibrio Advisory team for several years now, availing their services for building safe and inclusive workspaces. Our association has not only been in terms of onboarding for POSH compliance and services, but also having conversations around DEIB, mental health support for employees, and improving Workplace Wellbeing. These services have spanned interventions like offering therapeutic support, skill building workshops awareness and sensitization sessions– bringing focus onto marginalized groups including women at work. The training and awareness sessions have been particularly supportive, engaging and informative, with facilitators being well informed, on pulse with current issues and high levels of interaction even on virtual platforms that has brought in positive feedback from participants regularly.

Vaibhavi Kulkarni Associate Professor, IIMA

Samriti recently facilitated a session on casual sexism at our institution – this was very empowering and went a long way towards setting expectations at work, challenging the often-dominant social ideas that oppress groups and increase vulnerability. She also created a space to deconstruct internal bias and social influences that prevent creation of inclusive and safe professional environment for all. Samriti handled this conversation with nuance and sensitivity, bringing examples from her vast expertise, keeping the session interactive and supportive – even through a virtual platform. We look forward to working with Samriti again.

Sonali Gupta Mahindra Holidays

Thank you for facilitating this session today. It was reflective, insightful and enabling. For sure our women talent are highly motivated to Take Charge of their journeys at MHRIL.