Include Transgender Children To Make Schools More Inclusive

Include Transgender Children To Make Schools More Inclusive: Goa Department Of Education

The Government of Goa in collaboration with the State’s Education Department published a circular emphasizing the importance and need for creating comprehensive spaces in the classrooms. Transgender children also have the right to education like other children, from a humanistic point of view they should be nurtured to the fullest and it should be clear to each and every person who is engaged in the educational process at any level so that she/he could contribute to their education inclusively.  

The circular provided administration and school management also must ensure an adequate environment on school campuses because there are greater possibilities that different stigmas might start to affect the inclusion of transgender children as they had faced earlier. 

In this regard the Government of Goa suggested some measures: 

  1. Admission to be given in schools and vocational education irrespective of gender identity to all those desirous of education. 
  1. Teachers must be sensitized regarding the issues related to transgender, their life and culture, psycho-social and emotional condition and cognitive aspects, cooperation among all the children, and the relationship between transgender and other students, etc. teachers could be sensitized regarding content delivery which may be specially related to transgender children. 
  1. There is a need to prepare an environment where transgender children feel secure. Teachers and community people can play an important role in inclusion. India is facing an acute shortage of skilled manpower in different sectors. There is a need to sensitize vocational education and training to teachers and other school members. At the secondary and higher secondary levels, vocational training should be provided to the transgender that they prepare for their job. 
  1. Educate staff and youth about gender identity. If possible, designate gender-neutral restrooms and locker rooms (toilet facilities that everyone may use, irrespective of gender identity or gender expression). 
  1. Search out gender support groups serving organizations in your area. Make sure that these groups and organizations are included on your resource lists.  
  1. All educational institutions should establish an anti-discrimination cell to monitor any form of discrimination against the transgender community. Along the line of strict anti-ragging cells, there should be zero tolerance towards any incidence of discrimination or complaint. 

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