Queering Indian Pop Media with Ashish Sawhney - Past Event

Queering Indian Pop Media with Ashish Sawhney

A Sneak Peek at what the LinkedIn Live will cover:

👉 To understand the history of negative queer and trans stereotypes in Indian pop media.
👉 To probe whether there has been a shift in the narrative when it comes to queer and trans portrayal in Indian pop media
👉 To understand Ashish’s perspective as a queer person existing in the Indian media space; to explore his interpersonal interactions to gauge the perception of the mainstream media towards the LGBTQIA+ community
👉 To gauge the infrastructural support that queer and trans projects receive
👉 To explore whether the media industry is supportive of authentic representation; to examine whether queer and trans artists find work, or is there still a stigma
👉 To delve into the various roles Ashish takes on as a queer affirmative mental health professional and mentor to the community
👉 To delineate the measures the Indian media industry can take to create a more affirming environment for the queer and trans community

Date: 19th June [Wednesday]
Time: 6 – 7 PM
Mode: Virtual [Live event] – LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube
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