11 Jul 2020 – Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019: Duties of family, educational institutions, and employers

The following was covered:

  • Introduction to the term ‘transgender’ under law and what it entails
  • Background to the term and importance of 27th -28th June
  • Brief history in the Indian context including important judgments and steps by international organizations
  • Challenges faced currently by the community
  • Solutions offered by the law and rights of transgender persons
  • Duties of the family, educational institutions and employers as per law
  • Consequences of not complying with Law
  • Analysis of important judgments from India and abroad to shed light on duties

Beneficial for Employees in the role of legal, HR, L&D, Ethics & Compliance etc. responsible for compliance of this law, Managers, Lawyers (in-house or practicing), Independent Professionals (including practicing lawyers, compliance / culture related consultants or advisors, HR professionals etc.) and Allies.

Feedback from Some Participants

It was very much informative and wonderful webinar. It was very helpful to understand the law and other concepts as well. Looking forward for future sessions.

It was very much detailed and wonderful.. Every concepts is touched very carefully by looking at its applicability and limitations. Looking forward for future sessions. Thank you for arranging such an excellent meeting.

It was a great webinar. Really learned a lot. Looking forward to more eye opener webinar like this. Thank you.

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