23 Jul 2020 – Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019: Duties of family, educational institutions, and employers

The following was covered:

  • Introduction to the term ‘transgender’ under law and what it entails
  • Background to the term and importance of 27th -28th June
  • Brief history in the Indian context including important judgments and steps by international organizations
  • Challenges faced currently by the community
  • Solutions offered by the law and rights of transgender persons
  • Duties of the family, educational institutions and employers as per law
  • Consequences of not complying with Law
  • Analysis of important judgments from India and abroad to shed light on duties

Beneficial for Employees in the role of legal, HR, L&D, Ethics & Compliance etc. responsible for compliance of this law, Managers, Lawyers (in-house or practicing), Independent Professionals (including practicing lawyers, compliance / culture related consultants or advisors, HR professionals etc.) and Allies

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